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Our Mission

LIFE Outreach International is an organization committed to the commission of Jesus Christ to take the gospel to all nations. LIFE believes that Christ intended for us to demonstrate His love as well as proclaim it. LIFE has several ministries worldwide that are actively demonstrating the love of God.

LIFE's Mission Feeding ministry is taking much needed food to areas on the continent of Africa where war, famine, drought and poverty have taken their toll on the people. Food factories in Mozambique and Angola are providing enough food to feed more than 400,000 starving children, mothers, elderly people, and people with disabilities each month.

LIFE's Water For LIFE outreach utilizes portable drilling rigs to dig wells up to 1,000 feet deep in even the hardest to reach areas of Africa, Asia and South America to provide much needed clean drinking water to communities.

LIFE TODAY is an innovative Christian television broadcast that is sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people all over the United States, Canada and Australia. LIFE TODAY not only ministers to people directly, but it presents the other outreaches of LIFE so that people may take part in our ministry and vision.

LIFE Outreach conducts evangelistic campaigns that attract thousands of people to hear the Good News of Salvation through Jesus Christ. LIFE also has ministries that utilize video projectors and portable DVD players to share the life of Christ through film and video as well as to train church leaders and new believers in biblical values.

LIFE Centers in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America are lighthouses of the love of Christ to people in need. LIFE Centers care for children displaced by war in their countries. LIFE Centers also serve as centers for training and equipping new believers to join in the effort to spread the gospel and display the love of Jesus Christ to those in need.

At LIFE, we believe that we are fulfilling Christ's words in Matthew 25:35-40 by being His hands and feet. Millions of hurting, desperate people all over the world have experienced the compassion and provision of Jesus Christ through various humanitarian relief programs sponsored by LIFE Outreach International.